Happy Mondays

December 2017 (Tue 14th Nov 2017 - Sat 23rd Dec 2017)

Yes you saw it here, veteran Madchester band the Happy Mondays are on their 30th anniversary tour. Who thought we’d be pulling on the sounds of the North’s wildest music men like a comfortable old pair of slippers. The faces of Shaun Ryder and Bez have become the welcome icons of a simpler time in live music, where getting “Mad for it” and dancing all night were simply par for the course.

The Twenty Four Hour Party People – Greatest Hits Tour begins on 14 November and continues for a month in various locations, including Cardiff, Portsmouth, Norwich and Birmingham.

Frontman Shaun Ryder said: ‘I am really looking forward to the Mondays’ shows leading up to Christmas.

‘We’re performing better than ever and I love getting together with the band, blasting out all our great tunes we’ve made together over the decades. It’s gonna be great.’

Tickets for Happy Mondays are priced from £27.50