Beyonce gets her skates on



Beyonce thrilled fellow roller-skaters with a surprise appearance at World on Wheels in Venice, California on Friday night (04Aug17).

The Formation superstar and her husband JAY-Z arrived with eight friends close to midnight and sat in a private area overlooking the rink.

Beyonce and some of her girlfriends then took to the rink, while fans in attendance were quick to grab videos and pictures of her in action. Twitter user IG shared video of Beyonce, JAY-Z and friends in a VIP area overlooking the fun, captioning it: "Beyonce really made the world stop at world on wheels ... one time for the culture."

Another Twitter user Beyonce Noticias, meanwhile, posted footage of Queen Bey in action, writing beside it, "Turn that cherry out! Beyoncé andando de Patins em L.A (Beyonce walking on skates in LA)."

Dressed down in a black baseball cap with her long blonde curls loose, a black off-the-shoulder T-shirt and ripped jeans, Beyonce demonstrated that this certainly wasn’t her first time on wheels. Though she looked confident, she took things slowly, clearly doing her best to blend in with the rest of the crowd.

An eyewitness told U.S. news programme Entertainment Tonight, "She was quiet, didn't interact with fans much but was chill."

Another source told E! News, "She was laughing and enjoying herself. They came really casual. If you didn't know who they were they could've just fit in (with) the crowd."

Unsurprisingly, news of a superstar on wheels spread quickly, and Beyonce was soon unable to keep skating. Kind-hearted bosses at World on Wheels shut down the spot at about 12.30am so she and her girlfriends could have a few minutes' private time.

JAY-Z did not join his wife on skates but reportedly looked thrilled to see Beyonce letting her hair down and taking time out from looking after their three kids - Blue Ivy, five, and seven-week-old twins Rumi and Sir.