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Best Hot Glue Gun In India 2021

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May 8, 2021

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Looking for best hot glue gun in India?


The popularity of hot glue guns has increased tremendously with the millennial era, with them being the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) masters. These multi-faceted glue guns have made it possible to fix everything at home and use our creativity to our maximum potential. Nowadays, you won’t find a single Indian home that does not own a hot glue gun. If you too want to be a part of this hot-glue-gun DIY trend, then this article is for you. Continue reading if you want to buy one of the best hot glue guns available in India.

Where can a hot glue gun becomes useful?

Hot glue guns are highly versatile tools that are ideal for bonding porous as well as non-porous materials like plastic, paper, wood, rubber, ceramics, glass, metals, polystyrene, etc. Several YouTube videos show a variety of hacks with glue guns, especially the 5-minute-crafts videos. You can even check out Pinterest for inspiration to get started with your glue gun.

  • You can use a glue gun to create an air or water sealant, for instance, you can water-proof your LED lights with a glue gun
  • Can be used to cast molds for soap, candles, resin crafts, jewelry, etc.
  • The glue gun can be used in various DIY wood projects, for example, to make a wooden frame or to fix magnets or wires to the wood
  • To create anti-slipping shoes, hangers, rugs, etc.
  • Glue guns are best to attach any fabric to wood, plastic, and metal surfaces
  • You can avoid soldering pipes with solder by using a glue gun to bind them together
  • They can be used to close shipping boxes and to bind books
  • The glue gun can be used to decorate vases and jars

The aforementioned list gives us an overview of the uses of a hot glue gun, kindly go through it to determine your preference in the selection of the right glue gun for your home. With the right glue stick, you can create countless marvels with the help of a glue gun.

How do I Choose a hot glue gun?

Originally used to fix shoe soles as a successor to water-based adhesives, hot glue guns have become a benchmark due to the long lifespan and durability of the bond created. A glue gun uses a continuous heating element to heat the glue stick which then melts and comes out of the nozzle of the gun. You can then direct the nozzle onto the object you are working with to pour out the melted adhesive. The gun stick used is non-hazardous to health and poses no threat to the environment, hence they are gaining quite a popularity. When purchasing the best hot glue gun consider the following:

1. Type of the gun-model

There are two types of gun models to choose from; low-melt guns and high-melt guns. Low-melt guns operate at about 130°C and are quite safe to use, but they can only be used with heat-sensitive materials such as polystyrene and paper. High melt guns operate at a temperature of 195°C and present a high burn risk. They can be used with a great variety of materials like wood, plastic, ceramics, tiles, etc. Glue guns with adjustable temperatures from low to high are also available.

2. Temperature and Wattage

Less expensive glue guns usually do not come with a temperature control mechanism to select the temperature according to the material you are using. They also operate on low wattage (low heating power) and can only be used for small DIY projects. For heavy projects, the higher-cost range guns are suitable because they come with temperature and speed control and they operate at a higher wattage (high heating power).

3. Glue stick size and types

The size of the glue stick is a major factor in choosing a hot glue gun. Do not select a gun that restricts the use of manufacturer's specific size stick because they are expensive and you will not find them easily. You can opt for a gun that allows you to use generic sticks (7-15 mm in diameter) that are easily available at a cheaper price. You also need to consider the model of your glue gun before choosing the type of glue stick, for example, the model of low melt gun will only use low melt glue sticks. Nowadays multi-temperature glue sticks that work with both, hot and low-melt glue guns are also available. The glue sticks also come in different colors, but the most popular is the clear glue sticks.

What is the price of hot glue guns in India? 

Glue guns prices typically range from 100 to 1000 INR. The corded glue guns are cheaper in comparison to the cordless ones. You also have to buy glue sticks following the model of your glue gun. The sticks come in different sizes and their cost varies as per the size. Most of the manufacturers include free glue sticks along with their product, for example, W WADRO - 40W Trigger Feed Leak Proof Gun comes with 28 free glue sticks.

Which brand is best for hot glue guns in India? 

A total of eight brands of glue guns have been recommended by our team and they have been carefully selected, researched, and tested to save your precious time and energy. We have picked Themisto as the best hot glue gun In India.

Best Hot Glue Gun In India 2021

In a Hurry? refer to the following section to select the best glue gun brand for home use that is available online in India. 

Table below contains the list of seven best glue gun in India based on the customer ratings in descending order (starting from the top-rated products) along with their links for your reference.

1. 20W 20-WATT 7MM HOT MELT Best Hot Glue Gun 

This 20W low-powered glue gun is suitable for your paper DIY crafts. It comes in an array of colors to choose from.

The trigger mechanism and an LED indicator with an on-off switch are an added charm. 

It takes around 5-8 minutes to heat up and the manufacturer has warned that the gun does not heat up enough to melt the stick in an AC environment.

The gun is a corded glue gun and comes along with a stand for easy mounting.

Even though it is one of the best-selling glue guns that is reviewed by 16,124 customers, its ratings are low in comparison to the other glue guns mentioned in the article (3.6 out of 5 stars).

The manufacturer has provided free 10 glue sticks of 11mm size for the convenience of its users.


  • Comes in attractive colors
  • Compact and light in weight (340 g)
  • Comes with 10 free glue sticks
  • LED indicator is provided along with an on-off switch


  • No warranty or replacement
  • Cannot be used for heavy-duty projects
  • Slow heating time
  • Comes without an overheating protection

2. STANLEY 69-GR20B Plastic GluePro® Trigger Feed Best Hot Glue Gun

This sunshine yellow-colored beauty by STANLEY is perfect for materials like wood, fabric, MDF boards, laminates, and foam.

It operates at 30W power and takes about a waiting time of 3-5 minutes to heat the stick. 

The gun is made up of high-density durable plastic and metal.

The ergonomically designed trigger feed ensures its smooth functioning without any wastage of gum. 

As per manufacturer specifications only size 12 mm sticks can be used with the gun.


  • 6- months warranty by Stanley
  • Lightweight (270 g) and compact design


  • Does not provide free glue sticks
  • LED indicator isn’t provided
  • Not suitable for heavier projects

3. APTECH DEALS Max 100 W Best Hot Glue Gun India

This 100W corded glue gun comes with 5 glue sticks. Built from strong and reliable plastic this blue-colored gun has a metal tip and a fixing stand to work with.

The high quality and durable heating element of the gun ensures that the product heats up quickly. APTECH could have provided better quality glue sticks as stated by many customers.


  • Heats up instantly
  • Lightweight (380 g)
  • Comfortable grip
  • On-off switch
  • Complimentary glue sticks


  • The quality of the complementary glue stick isn’t up to the mark
  • No warranty on the product
  • No LED indicator
  • The gun isn’t shock-proof and heat-proof

4. Generic hot Glue Gun 40W 

If you are looking for a cheaper option then you can buy the Generic Glue Gun.

This corded gun comes with a mechanical trigger to provide a regulated glue flow, a heat-guarded nozzle to prevent heating of the nozzle, and a metal stand for stability. 

With 40W power capacity the gun can be used to repair materials like wood, metal, ceramic, rubber, tile, concrete, and glass and it comes with 8 free glue sticks of 200mm diameter.


  • Compact and lightweight (450 g)
  • Wide applicability
  • Comes with free glue sticks


  • Nozzle does not come with a leak-proof mechanism
  • Manufacturer hasn’t provided any shock-proof or heat-proof system for the safety of the user

5. W WADRO - 40W Trigger Hot Glue Gun

This money saver glue gun by W WADRO comes with 28 glue sticks. The gun comes in 4 different colors; red, blue, green, and yellow, but you don’t get to choose a color as the manufacture prefers to send random colors. Its heating element consumes 40 W power and comes with a PTC heater that ensures quick heating.

The body of the gun is made up of solid, durable plastic that is heat-proof and shock-proof. Additionally, the gun also comes with a fuse mechanism to prevent overheating on prolonged usage.

The trigger, bracket stand, and handle design ensure optimum comfort level while using it. This multi-purpose corded gun can be used with a wide variety of materials like wood, metal, glass, rubber, plastic, ceramic, etc.

It also comes with an LED indicator plus an on-off switch.


  • Lightweight (300 g)
  • Fast-heating (1-3 minutes)
  • Energy-saving (PTC heater)
  • Low heating time
  • Fuse mechanism to prevent overheating
  • Box comes with 28 free glue sticks


  • No warranty from the manufacturer
  • The manufacturer has not mentioned the size of the sticks to be used

6.APTECH DEALS Crown 80W Hot Glue Gun

This multi-use glue gun is suitable to work with a variety of materials; wood, metal, plastic, paper, fabric, rubber, leather, ceramic, glass, you name it and this gun can fix it.

APTECH has designed the body of the gun using ABS plastic to sustain high temperature and pressure. The ergonomically designed handle provides a good grip while working and comes with a large 3-fingered trigger button to push the gun evenly through the no-drip nozzle.

This corded gun comes with a 144 cm long cord and a kickstand to hold it downwards while resting. It heats up pretty quickly (within 3 minutes) with 80W power consumption.

It also comes with an on-off switch, a PTC heater to save up on electricity, and 5 free glue sticks in the color blue.


  • High-quality plastic built to sustain high temperature and pressure
  • Lightweight (300 g)
  • Energy-saving (PTC heater)


  • Does not come with a warranty

7. Themisto - Built with Passion Best Hot Glue Gun

If you are looking for a gun that heats up pretty quickly then you can buy Themisto. It is a 150 W powered, industrially rated heavy-duty hot glue gun that is temperature adjustable from 100°C-200°C, suitable for both hot and cold applications.

The LED indicator on the backside signals you whether the gun is ready to use. It can be used on multiple surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic, stone, fabric, and brick.

This glue gun is perfect for detailed and precise work as it comes with a 30 mm long leak-proof copper nozzle with an orifice diameter of 3 mm, and can be interchanged or replaced as per the use.

Similar to APTECH, Themisto also provides 5 yellow glue sticks of 11 mm diameter with the gun. The gun also comes with an LED indicator to indicate the status of the gun, an anti-overheating PTC thermistor to save up on energy, and a cooling hole to increase its life span.

The easy-squeeze trigger and detachable stand make it easier to handle and use.


  • Narrow, non-drip, interchangeable copper nozzle for precise application
  • Automatic thermostat for energy saving
  • LED indicator


  • Glue doesn’t flow out if the temperature isn’t initially adjusted to a higher level
  • A bit heavier in comparison to the other brands mentioned (520 g)

Final Verdict

More than any other factor, the wattage power of the gun plays an important part in deciding whether the gun heats up instantly or not. Thumb rule to finding best glue in India is higher the wattage faster it heats up to melt the stick.  

If you don’t want to waste your time in waiting for the gum to come out then invest in a gun that consumes high power. Among the listed products, Themisto - Built with Passion 150W Multi Temperature High Power Hot Melt Glue Gun is the best buy.

It heats up pretty quickly and comes with a temperature control mechanism so that you can use it both for cold (delicate materials) and hot (heavy-duty and durable materials) application.

If you want a cheaper alternative to a high wattage guns then you can go for the APTECH DEALS Max 100 W Glue Gun that operates at 100w power but is way cheaper than Themisto.


Take it from Indians, the jugaad-masters of the world - a hot glue gun can even fix your life together.  If you don’t own a glue gun then it’s time to buy one. You can refer to this article to pick out the best hot glue gun for your home according to your preference. By simply clicking on the links provided, you can order them online from the comfort of your home.

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