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7 Best Safe Lockers for Home Available Online India 2021

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April 29, 2021

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Looking for Best Safe Lockers for Home Online India?

There have been incidences where bank lockers that provide multiple layers of safety have been robbed by thieves invading the high-end security systems of the banks. Such incidences prove that your valuables are not even safe with the banks. Hence, it's better to opt for modern and safe lockers for your home that is equipped with state-of-the-art modern facilities to protect your prized possessions. If you are on a quest of finding the best safe lockers for your home then this article is for you.

Types of Safe Lockers Available For Home?

There are three types of safe lockers available in the market for home use, manual, electronic, and biometric safe lockers.

Manual Safe lockers:

These are old-school lockers that have ruled the market for over a century. They simply work on a lock and key mechanism. Some of the manual lockers come with a combination dial attached to a spindle that opens up only when the right set of combinations is dialed. You can check here some of the best selling manual safe lockers online.

Electronic and Digital Safe lockers:

These are modern types of safes that come with a battery-powered electronic keypad that can be used to set up a digital password. The lock opens only when you enter the correct password. They also come with a backup key for you to use in case you forget your password or if you run out of battery.  These types of locks are also known as electromechanical locks.

Biometric Safe lockers:

This advanced technology scans your fingerprint to unlock your safe. They also come with an option of a key or a digital keypad to open up your safe.

This article mainly focuses on the latter two types of lockers; electronic lockers and biometric lockers as they are safer and convenient to use in comparison to manual lockers.

This article mainly focuses on the latter two types of lockers; electronic lockers and biometric lockers as they are safer and convenient to use in comparison to manual lockers.

Where Can I Buy a Safe Locker For Home?

A place to buy the best safe locker for your home is the Amazon website. It offers you a variety of options to choose from, you can sort and filter out the options at your convenience. It also blesses us with lightning deals and discounts on various items from time to time. You might end up catching a deal of your dream while buying a safe locker during the next big billion-day sale. Keep on reading if you want to buy the best safe locker for your home at an affordable price at Amazon.

Which Safe Locker is Best for Home?

The process of choosing the best safe locker for your home can be quite tricky to start with. Many factors have to be considered before you decide to invest your hard-earned money into buying a safe locker, such as:

  • The place where you wish to install the safe or whether you want to keep it mobile for movement
  • The size of your prized possessions will, in turn, decide on the size of your locker
  • Degree of protection from the heist, fire, and water, for example, if you wish to store your property documents in the safe then that safe should be resistant to fire and water hazards
  • Budget

We have curated a list of the 7 best electronic safe lockers for homes. This list follows a detailed description of every item mentioned on the list to help you in making the right choice. The below table mentions all the 7 products in decreasing order of their ratings (top rated first) and the links to these products.

Top 7 Best Safe Lockers for Home Available Online 2021

1. Amazon Basics Security Safe Locker For Home

This safe is from Amazon's own flagship product brand Amazonbasics. With 15,246 user ratings and a capacity of 14.15 liters. It comes in a dashing black color with an electronic keypad and two override keys in case if you forget your password or if your safe runs out of battery power.

 The safe is made up of durable steel material and contains carpeted floors to protect your valuables from scratches and damages.

In addition to this, the interiors of the locker can be adjusted or removed to make space for your jewelry, cash, documents, and other valued items.

The product comes with a DIY manual for easy installation along with four bolts (included) for easy mounting and one year warranty.

It requires four AA batteries to run (not included) and it offers reprogrammable digital access (please refer to the manual for the instructions).


  • Strong and durable
  • Comes with adjustable shelves
  • Carpeted floors to protect your valuables


  • It doesn’t provide any protection from water and fire hazards

2. SToK® ST- ES1723 Small Electronic Safe Locker For Home

SToK offers this mini safe in black and white colors with a capacity of only 5.6 liters.

It is a digital safe that comes with two override keys and works on AA batteries that aren’t provided by the company.

The safe is made up of reinforced steel and the floor of the safe is carpeted to protect your valuables, due to its smaller size it doesn’t come with shelves to organize your items.

The manufacturer has not mentioned whether the locker is waterproof and fireproof. Around 331 users have rated this product 3.5 out of 5 and it comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Compact
  • Durable


  • Small in size.
  • Shelves aren't provided

3. Godrej Security Solutions Goldilocks Safe Locker For Home

This portable safe by the Godrej brand has user rating of 301 (overall 4-star rating).

 It comes in white and grey colors with a smart touch panel that glows in the dark and a temper alarm that sets off if someone tries to move or break the safe.

The soft interiors keep your money, jewelry, credit cards, and luxury items damage-free.

The locker is made up of mild steel material and is laptop lock compatible which means it can be locked to a single point using a locking cable (cable is not included with the product).

 Godrej offers a one-year warranty on this device but doesn’t offer protection from mishandling, fire, accident, and loss due to natural calamities.


  • Smart touch panel
  • Godrej Brand
  • Temper alarm to protect from theft
  • Laptop lock compatible using a locking cable


  • No protection from natural calamities, fire and mishandling

4. Yale Standard Home Electronic Safe Locker For Home

Yale’s 8.6 liters, standard electronic home safe is available only in black color. 253 Amazon users have given it an average of 4-star rating. 

Made up of a robust steel body and two saw-resistant locking bolts, this safe has carpeted floor to protect your valuables from any harm. Yale offers one year warranty on this product but offers no protection from water and rain.

The bolts for the installation and other accessories are provided by the manufacturer. The digital keypad has an LCD (passwords can be 3 to 8 digits long); if you forget your password or if your safe runs out of battery then you can use the manual override keys to open the safe. 

More than 4 incorrect password attempts will set off an internal alarm system for 3 minutes meanwhile locking the safe’s keypad.


  • Saw-resistant locking bolts
  • LCD panel
  • Internal alarm system that automatically locks the safe on entry of more than four incorrect passwords


  • It doesn’t provide any protection from water 

5. Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro 10 liters Digital Electronic Safe Locker for Home

This grey-colored safe by Godrej with a capacity of 8 liter. The body of the safe is made up of heavy-duty hardened steel and comes with a one-year warranty, 4 anchoring bolts, and 4 pre-drilled holes for either grouting or anchoring. 

The keypad can be operated with 4–6-digit numeric passwords and comes with an auto-lock function that sets off an alarm with 4 consecutive wrong password entries and freezes the keypad to prevent burglary. Godrej provides an override key to manually unlock the safe in case of an emergency.

If your key is lost and your safe is running out of battery then a USB port is made available to externally charge your safe. It has an average of 4-star rating by 180 customers.


  • Sturdy body made up of heavy-duty hardened steel
  • Auto-lock system to protect from theft


  • Small in size

6. Godrej Forte Pro 25 Litre Home Safe Locker with Optical Biometric Sensor 

Godrej Forte Pro safe offers high-tech personalized security by using your fingerprint to unlock the safe. Around 161 customers have given it a 4-star rating on Amazon. This grey-colored safe comes with 25 liters capacity. 

If your safe runs out of battery power then you can use the override key or the USB back up to access your prized possessions. The optical fingerprint sensor can store up to 30 fingerprints of you and your loved ones.

In case of more than 4 wrong fingerprint entries, the fingerprint sensor will automatically lock itself to prevent theft. This biometric safe is built of heavy-duty stainless steel (SS304 grade) and comes with motorized bolts to enhance its safety.

It comes with a one-year warranty card along with other accessories for easy installation.


  • Biometric lock system
  • Bigger in size
  • Comes with internal alarm system to protect from theft


  • Price on the higher range

7. Valencia- Crux Electronic Digital Security Safe Locker For Home

Valencia (part of the ASSA ABLOY group) safe has a user rating of 4 stars from customers. This 9 liters digital safe is again available in black color only. 

The digital keypad comes with override keys, you can keep your password from 3 digits to 8 digits long. The body of the safe is made up of an alloy of steel and the floor is carpeted to protect your valuables from scratches and damages.

Three consecutive wrong pins will set off an internal alarm and will freeze the keypad for that time frame. The manufacturer has provided the safe with three indicators to keep a check on the various interactions; yellow light indicates the usage of the digital codes; green light indicates the correct password input and red light shows the battery level of the safe.

This Crux safe locker comes with one year warranty, 4 AA batteries, and two anchor bolts for easy installation.


  • Internal alarm system that locks the doors upon entry of wrong passwords
  • Comes with indicators
  • Batteries are provided by the manufacturer


  • Price on the higher side


The above-mentioned are the best safe lockers for your home, they are easy to install and are a must in your home considering the increasing cases of thefts. 

Additionally, as per RBI rules, you won’t be compensated for any damages or theft by the bank due to natural calamities such as floods and cyclones. The bank lockers are a bit heavier on your pocket as compared to the home lockers, you will have to pay one-time bank registration fees as well as annual maintenance fees along with GST charges. Home lockers are a one-time investment. You have to be extremely careful with the key provided by the bank for your locker. If you lose your key, you will be penalized and charged an additional fee by the bank for a duplicate key or a new locker. If you wish to move places, you just can’t transfer your bank locker to another branch of that bank. You have to surrender your current locker and open a new one; whereas home lockers are portable and can be easily moved from one place to the other when you move. Use this article as a guide to choosing the best electronic locker for your home.

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