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6 Indoor Plant Stand For Multiple Plants India: 2021

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May 15, 2021

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Looking for Indoor Plant Stand For Balcony in India?

Give Your Indoor Garden A Make Over!

Urbanization has forced people to live in smaller houses/apartments that do not offer the luxury of having a front-yard or back yard garden. But if you have a balcony to your small apartment, then that’s more than enough for you to create the garden of your dreams. From flowers to vegetables to herbs, you can plant anything you want in pots of different shapes and sizes. And if you're a neat freak like Monica Geller, then plant stands are what you need to organize these pots in your balcony garden, they make your garden more manageable and aesthetically pleasing.

If you are considering purchasing a kiosk/stand for your growers, then the following article is for you. It talks about the necessary information regarding indoor plant stands along with the list of the best plant stands available for balcony gardens in India.

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Things to keep in mind before buying a indoor plant stand

As seen in the above image, well-rested plant pots on shelves increase the aesthetics of your tiny garden and make it more Instagrammable. In addition to the looks, plant stands are the kind of accessories that will make your garden space more manageable and easily accessible. Before investing your bucks into buying the best plant stand for your 5-feet balcony garden, here are the things you should consider:

  • The dimensions of your balcony or indoor space
  • Type of plants; whether you are growing indoor plants, shrubs, or vegetables
  • The size and weight of your planters
  • Microclimate of your balcony space (whether it's windy, sunny, or partially shaded)
  • Budget

6 Best Plant Stands for Indoor Balcony In India

For your convenience, our team has put together a list of the best plant stands available online in India.

Based on the size and area of your gallery garden, you may select one or more of the following stands.

The list comes with a detailed description of each item for you to better understand the features to make an educated decision about the best plant stand for your small garden.

1. Trust Basket Indigo Indoor Plant Stand  

These plant stands are a perfect solution for keeping multiple pots, they come in a set of 4 and each set is 24 inches long, 9.2 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall.

They are made of heavy-duty and powder-coated galvanized iron, the set together weighs 4 kg and each stand can hold up to 20-25 kg.

Each unit of this indigo set is rectangular and has 8-legs with a capacity to hold multiple pots at a time. It comes as a ready-to-use set and will add a charm to your garden.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Can hold multiple planters
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to clean because the bars are spaced
  • Rust-proof


  • Sharp edges
  • The alignment of the rods is uneven as reported by many customersConsidering the price, the manufacturer should have included rubber stoppers

2. Leafy Tales Set of 15 – Iron Indoor/Outdoor Flower Pot/Plant Stand for Home Garden Balcony Living Room Decor

If you are looking for some stand-alone units, then this set of 15 plant holders is your best bet and if you decide not to buy 15 of these then Leafy Tales also offers them in sets of 11, 7, and 3.

These 3-legged stands are made from iron metal and are powder-coated to protect from rust.

The ring diameter of each stand is 8 inches and the height is 4 inches.

These ready-to-use round pot stands are ideal for heavy planters as their load capacity is around 50 kg.


  • Ideal for heavy garden pots (can bear up to 50kg weight)
  • Eye-catching design and sturdy built
  • Ready to use without assembling
  • Powder-coated finish to prevent rusting


  • Suitable for single pots only
  • A few users reported broken legs as a result of poor welding

3. Sharpex Indoor Plant Stand For Balcony

Give your garden a perfect makeover with this multiple pot holder, rack by the brand Sharpex.

The company offers 1-tier and 2-tier rectangular stands, here we are talking about the single-tier stand only.

The iron metal frame of the stand is powder coated with a matte black color to prevent rusting.

This rectangular stand is 31 inches long, enough for you to display multiple pots at a time. The only issue is that it has to be assembled to use it.


  • Stand for multiple pots
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Comes with powder coating to avoid corrosion
  • Silicone base caps are provided for the base


  • Requires assembly
  • Fitting holes aren’t aligned properly that leads to an imbalance

4. Rise Corp Iron Indoor Plant Stand

This set of self-contained plant supports come in a beautiful arch design to ensure a maximum visual presence of your plants rather than the stand.

These rounded, white stands are 7 inches in diameter and are ideal for holding small potted plants.

Each iron plant holder is coated with iron oxide and then double coated with oil paint to give maximum protection from corrosion due to air and water.

Although they are small in size, each stand can bear a weight of 80-120 kg.


  • Built from high-quality iron alloy
  • The double coating ensures rust protection
  • The visual presence of the stand is minimal
  • Each stand can bear up to 80-120 kg


  • Comes in small size (7-inch diameter)
  • Can fit only one pot in each stand
  • Suitable for square-shaped pots only

5. Dime Store Indoor Plant Stand, Flower Pot Stand for Indoor Balcony Living Room

Do you fancy a square-shaped stand? If yes, then this set of 2 pot stands with 4 legs by Dime Store is perfect for you. You can use it as a plant stand as well as a flower pot stands for your balcony and patio garden.

Made from iron metal, it is powder coated and the size of the frame is 8 x 8 x 4 inches. It is portable and easy to move from one place to another.


  • Durable body made of iron metal
  • Coated with rust-proof oil paint
  • Lightweight and is easy to move (each stand weighs 400 g)
  • Assembly is not required


  • Can hold only small pots
  • Not ideal for mounting multiple pots

6.Rise Corp Iron Square Flower Pot Indoor Plant Stand 

This is another set of square-shaped stands from Rise Corp that are perfect for your small balcony garden. It has 4 arch-shaped legs to keep your pots stable. Made from iron, the stands are double-coated with iron oxide and oil paint to ensure rust resistance. The size of each stand is 12×12×4 inches and can tolerate a weight load of 50 kg.


  • Durable and sturdy design made from galvanized iron
  • Double coated to avoid rusting
  • No need for assembly


  • Only for small pots (12×4 inch)
  • Not suitable for multiple pots

Final Verdict

If you are looking for multiple pot holders then our best pick would be ‘Trust Basket Indigo Planter Stand/Pot Stand - 24 inches (Set of 4)’. It comes as a ready-to-use set of 4 stands and each stand is 24 inches long which is enough for you to display more than one planter on each set. If you are facing a space constraint issue, then you can choose the 2-tier stand by Sharpex, the added tier will give you additional space to store multiple pots within the same space. For stand-alone units our best pick is ‘Leafy Tales Set of 15 – Iron Indoor/Outdoor Flower Pot/Plant Stand for Home Garden, Balcony Living Room Decor (Black-Set of 15)’.

Instead of placing your pots on the floor, your garden would look more set up if you consider placing them on stands or shelves. Beautify your garden with the best indoor plant stands in India from the list above and show it off on your Instagram.

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