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Review- PowerA Wired Officially Licensed Controller for Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X & Windows 10

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May 3, 2021

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PowerA Xbox Controller India- Review

If you are planning on buying a budgeted third-party controller for your console that matches the standards of an original one then you have reached the right place, this article is all about PowerA’s wired controller that has been officially licensed for Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X and PC (Windows 10). It costs half the price and provides almost all the features of Microsoft’s original one. Its pros over the wireless controllers have also been discussed in the article, please continue reading for a detailed review.

Review of PowerA Xbox Controller India 2021

Preference of a video gaming controller (either wired or wireless) for your Xbox is a personalized choice. The designs of these controllers have been improvised over the years by various companies to provide better input to video games for controlling a character of an object in the games.

Most of these controllers are highly expensive and buying a cloned, third-party controller for your gaming console can turn out to be a big gamble. Even though these third-party controllers are cheap, their performance seldom matches with that of the original ones and you end up regretting your purchase in most of the cases unless you are lucky!

Are PowerA Controllers good for Xbox?

Based on the 4-star reviews by 3,333 users these wired controllers from PowerA are quite a catch at the price at which they sell.

To help you in winning your gaming battles they have been officially licensed by Microsoft (creator and owner of the Xbox) and are compatible with Xbox One, Xbox X|S, and Windows 10 (PC/laptop). The level of the features and details that have been put into designing these controllers do not justify their price.

Key Features and Specifications

These wired controllers are officially licensed to work exclusively with Microsoft systems (Xbox One, Xbox X|S and Windows 10 (PC/laptop). The Xbox logo on the product ensures the quality, security, and safety standards of Microsoft. It is blessed with the following features:

  • Dual rumble motors
  • A plus-shaped D-pad (8-way directional pad)
  • Standard abxy buttons
  • Analog stick
  • Highly sensitive left and right bumpers
  • Left and right triggers
  • 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack
  • Eight feet detachable USB cable
  • Compatible with Xbox One, Xbox X|S, and Windows 10 (PC/laptop)

Design and Build Quality

The body of the controller comes with a rubberized finish, is soft to touch, and feels extremely comfortable in the palms of your hands, ideal for intense and longer gaming hours.

Since PowerA has official access to the original artwork by Microsoft its built quality and dimensions are similar to that of the official Xbox controller. It feels lighter (weighs merely 310gm) than the original Xbox controller that lets you enjoy gaming for longer hours.

They come in a variety of colors but only black color is available for online purchase in India. Build with superior ergonomic design these affordable controllers are a must for every passionate gamer out there.


  • Compact and lightweight in comparison to the original Xbox controller
  • Half the price than the wireless options available
  • It is wired so no battery charging
  • USB cable ensures no latency or lag in the gaming sessions
  • Plug and play system without a Bluetooth connection syncing isn't required
  • Durable and sturdy built
  • Dual rumble motors for enhanced tactile vibrations
  • Comes with a headphone jack
  • Highly responsive buttons


  • Doesn't come with a Bluetooth connection like that of the original Xbox controller
  • Available only in black color in India
  • Can't connect to your phone
  • Not compatible with android and iOS operating systems

How do I turn on my PowerA Xbox One controller?

It is a plug-in and play type of controller, you just have to insert the USB cable in your console or PC and it connects automatically without a Bluetooth connection. No app settings or system is required for configuration. The USB cable ensures a lag-free gaming session. If the cable wears out with use then you can easily replace it with a standard USB cable.

Do PowerA Xbox controllers work on PC/laptop?

PowerA Xbox controllers come with a detachable 8 feet USB cable that you can use to connect to your computer or laptop. No additional software is required to connect it to a PC. The Bluetooth-free connection ensures a lag-free gaming experience.

Do Pro controllers have HD rumble?

Pro controllers are manufactured and marketed by Nintendo for their Nintendo Switch video game console and yes, they do have HD rumble, a 3D touch or kinaesthetic communication technology that enhances the video gaming experience by providing tactile feedback in the form of vibrations.

Pro controllers are way heavier on your pockets, it’s better to invest in an officially licensed PowerA controller that offers dual rumble motors for a similar gaming experience and costs way less.

These dual rumble motors provide feedback in both your left-and right-hand grips to let your hands experience the power of a variety of tactile sensations while gaming.

Final Verdict

If you are a hard-core gamer then this convincing replica of the original Xbox controllers can take your gaming experience to the top-notch level. The above-mentioned controller, officially licensed for Xbox series and PC is one of the best third-party controllers in the Indian market for all your gaming needs at an affordable price. Achieve greater victory in your gaming battles, go and grab this dual rumbled black beauty by PowerA before it sells out.


PowerA's officially licensed controller is a solid deal to play a variety of games on your Xbox console and Windows 10. The rubberized finish and its lightweight make it convenient for long hours of gaming. The triggers and bumpers are highly sensitive.

It comes with a micro to standard USB cable of 8 feet in length that can be detached for easy storage and ensures no lag, it does not require Bluetooth syncing. The dual rumble motors provide stronger vibrations over other cheaper knock-offs. 

The conveniently placed 3.5 mm headphone jack offers a decent sound with volume and mute features. Since it is wired, you do not have to worry about running out of battery or charging your battery. The amazing reviews by various gamers ensure that it a perfect and pocket-friendly clone of the original Microsoft controllers.

Many users have stated that it is compatible with all the games featured by the Xbox console and Windows. For example, one user has stated that this controller is compatible with the Fortnite game on PC while other third-party controllers do not recognize this game. It even supports Microsoft online streaming games like Modern combat 5 and Minecraft PC.

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